Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a aluminum alloy, rolled very thin, varying from a minimum thickness of about 0.00017 in. to a maximum of about 0.0059 in. (aluminum 0.006 in. is sheet).

From the standpoint of packaging and other principal applications one of the most important characteristics of aluminum foil is its impermeability to water vapor and gases. Bare foil one mil and thicker is completely impermeable; much thinner gauges laminated to an appropriate film form impervious composite materials, making them ideal for packaging and general insulation/barrier applications which, with solid foil semi-rigid containers, account for most foil consumption.

From the rolling mill, aluminum foils emerge with a natural shiny finish, almost as bright as a mirror; they also can be produced with an as-rolled, satin-like finish called matte. Additionally, foil has all of the unique functional characteristics of the aluminum alloy from which it is made, since it is the solid metal.

Foils of aluminum are rolled from several different alloys. Because all of the alloys commonly made into foil contain more than 90% aluminum and retain most of its properties, all are correctly called aluminum foil.

Bare (plain), coated, or laminated, aluminum foil is the most effective material for the full range of flexible and other packaging forms employed to protect foods, drugs, cosmetics, and a lengthy list of other items.

foil in such packages as flexible pouches and laminated fiber drums which contain many of the food, pharmaceutical, and other products they consume.


Flexible Packaging

Superior flavor retention and longer shelf life are the principal advantages of Foil/film retortable pouches are already on the market in.

Flexible packages made of this material are filled and flushed with nitrogen and hydrogen, then properly sealed while in the flushing atmosphere.

Products Packed in Flexible Foil

Aluminum foil is used in all forms of flexible packaging which may be classified under:

Bags, pouches, and envelopes

Wraps and Labels

Foil wraps and labels, unsupported or combined with other materials, find applications as such and also as integral components of semi rigid and rigid packaging. Foods:
Candy bars and pierces, Butter, cheese, frozen meats, and sea foods, ice cream bars, fresh fruits and vegetables, crackers and cookies, tea, spaghetti, chewing gum and others


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