CPP Film

Cast polypropylene (CPP) film is an economical, flexible and fatigue- resistant plastic with basic chemical properties that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of consumer applications.  With an extremely versatile list of purposes—everything from packaging to textiles to automotive parts—quality polypropylene products are in high demand and have many advantages over other plastics.

 Interspan provides some of the highest quality, most dependable cast polypropylene products and polyethylene films available today.  We recognize or client’s sophisticated demands and customization that we are capable of providing products that match their


Media & Statinary:  We offer a variety of cast films that can be converted to products including binders and sheet protectors. These can be custom-formatted to enhance anti-microbial features, custom colors, specialized textures and more! Our film is specifically designed for high clarity and strong welds.

Graphics:  Our graphics products consist of a complete line of corona-treated printable films for just about every application. 

Packaging:  Our packaging line can be used for both food and non-food items. Applications include flexible packaging for  bread bags, fresh produce, retortpeelable lidding, anti-fog film, floral sleeves and t-shirt overwraps.

Pressure Sensitive:  These films are specifically designed for customers who want to apply adhesive forself-wound tape and/ or masking films.

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