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Interspan Pack offers high performance and superior quality of BOPP film. When polypropylene is biaxially oriented, BOPP, it becomes crystal clear but remains available in white and matte finishes. The substrates reasonable economics, conformability and fatigue resistance make it ideal for packaging, labeling and graphic applications.

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Stretch Film

Used for pallete wraping for various types of goods such as food, non-food items, wood, boxes, electrical goods and many other items. It is made from linear low-density polyethylene and stretch films comes in a variety of width, thicknesses and colour. Our popular sizes are for machine, application, width 20" (500 mm) and length 5000, 6000 and 7000 + (1524, 1828, 2113 meters + .)

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PET Film

A PET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) otherwise known as polyester is quickly becoming a material of choice amongst plastic film processors due to its exceptional clarity and ease in processing.Our thermoforming grade, A PET combines excellent durability with glass-like clarity, providing our customers with a material that both performs well and is visually appealing.

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About us

Interspan was established in 1989 by Mr. Jim Robinson mainly to export Canadian manufactured electrical products to Middle East . In the past 30 years company has grown to be a Multi-million Dollars organization involved in diversified business activities that includes representing manufacturers from all over the world in industries like Electrical, Lighting, Poly Film, Packaging, bulk & packaged food, furniture , oil & Gas, Truck-Mounted Cranes and Automotive.

Mnufacturing : Interspan custom design and manufacture for Major Hotels and Banquet Halls Crystal Chandeliers and is proud to have supplied to major hotels and banquet halls within Canada.

Interspan serves through its local reps and direct sales countries like USA, Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Bolivia, Panama, Caribbean Islands, Australia, England, Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan.

Interspan is financially sound company owns building housing the head office and a 10,000 sq feet warehouse, plus leases two large warehouses for the distribution of electrical & packaging material for North American markets and packaging material and lighting products.

We have team that speaks different languages (English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, polish, and more) and are frequently traveling around the world, cultivating relationships and discovering new opportunities.

Interspan enjoys relationship with the local and international banks and are members of D&B in North America.


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