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PET Preform & Closures

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We offers the best high quality BOPP Film for Flexible Packaging Industry that includes snacks, chip bags, pouches, chocolate bars, baked goods, noodles, confectionery, hygiene products. In addition barrier film & Metalized BOPP film. the metallic layer creates an ideal barrier film, blocking moisture, oxygen and light. In addition to being a high barrier film, the metalized substrate adds a distinguished look to consumer products to differentiate themselves on crowded shelves with vivid color and brilliance

We offer a wide variety of coated films for use in traditional press printing platforms, as well as films designed for use in variable printing  pressure-sensitive labelstock, . Press-printable films are printable with flexo, screen, offset, our coated films deliver superior performance in ink adhesion and end use performance.

We supply PET Preforms for blowing Clear Water Bottles, Jars, Oil & other coloured PET bottles for the non-food liquid application like dish washing, detergent & other product. We also supply high quality  Enclosures ( bottle caps) preform for the bottles.

PET ( Vacuum Thermoforming)


Packaging ( Pallet wrap)


Food & Beverage Pckaging


We offer PET film thermoforming application in from of rolls from 50 Microns to 350 Microns for Vacuum application producing trays for various industry like chocolate etc. In addition we are providing 3D designs for new products all operations including mould and metallizing process are being conducted at our manufacturer facilities.

We offer multiple varieties of stretch film to choose from in a wide array of widths and thicknesses. All of our stretch wrap film is made from virgin material ensuring the highest quality possible. Our machine pallet stretch wrap is offered in true standard gauged film as well as pre stretched and equivalent film. All of our machine film can run on stretch wrap machines with up to a 250% stretch.

Our solutions are specially designed to respond to the challenges of food packaging.  Our bags and film products are the perfect complement for beverages, bakery products, fresh, frozen and dry food, and dairy products. Our aim is to protect the packaged products and preserve their freshness. We supply :

  • Bakery bags
  • Form Fill & Seal Films
  • Films to maintain aromas and oils
  • Shrink films
  • Boil-in films and liners

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